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Magic Lessons

 Magic PencilMagic Hands   Paige and Hally

 In addition to running a magic camp during the summer and performing magic, I also provide magic instruciton to individuals both children and adults. Have you ever wondered how a magician can float something in the air or, how to cut a piece of rope in half and put it back together again? Learn these and many more interesting magical secrets by taking some lessons in the ancient performing art of magical entertainment. We can help build self-confidence and self esteem when you let us discover the Magic in your child. Please let me know how I can best server your needs.


 Magic Mind Control  Magician BoyPick-A-CardMagic-Boomerang-Fish


I was really impressed with the way you handled the responses of the engineers. These guys are really bright and love to solve puzzles. I knew they might give you a tough time, but you handled them with great aplomb and humor.” I can’t tell you how many people came up to me afterwards and told me how much fun they had, including the President of the company, the Sr. Vice President of Sales, and one of the engineers, who told me his two year old son had a great time. It was great entertainment for both the adults as well as the children, even the very young children.

Ariane L. Bowes
Director, Administration and human Resources
Montage, Inc